You deserve to be well and happy!

You are worthy!

As a Wellness Coach I have learned that the best programs, just like fad diets, can have some amazing results in the beginning but tend to fizzle out quick.  The problem?  We don't plan for continued results.  We race to the finish line and celebrate the victory but often stop there instead of keeping the momentum going.


Focusing on behavior change techniques and understanding where people are at on the readiness scale is vital to the continued success of our wellness journey.  There may be setbacks but if some basic fundamentals are understood, positive results will continue.  Our Wellness Fundamentals are the starting point for all programs and can be applied to any area of life, not just wellness.  Understanding and applying these fundamentals will help employees make better decisions at work, improve listening skills, improve performance, decrease stress, and become more focused. 

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"Loretta does an amazing job.  She created our wellness program for over 300 employees.  She continually worked to promote wellness through her classes and challenges."

~Dr. Kimberly Eakle, M.D

"Loretta is a very sincere individual with a great deal of integrity.  She is an excellent educator."

~Teresa Mills, LPN