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Begin Your Path to Better Health & Wellness

The Fitness and Wellness Expo was created to give Somerset area residents an opportunity to explore numerous health and wellness products and services, consult with health and fitness experts and enjoy workshops for several fitness and wellness products. Our objective is to help the residents of Southeastern, KY learn more about health and wellness so they can make informed decisions that lead to living happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.

The Fitness and Wellness Expo is a free event open to the public that will include various workshops, demonstrations, free samples from our vendors and door prizes. There will be many activities available for people of all ages.

Last year’s events included:

  • New trends in fitness and wellness

  • Fitness demonstrations (audience participation is encouraged)

  • Motivational speakers

  • Arm wrestling clinic (training for youth ages 12-17)

  • Workshops with expert advice on fitness and wellness topics

  • Exhibitors: healthy foods, fitness/wellness services, fitness apparel, essential oils, etc.

  • Health Zone: health screens and assessments

  • Kid Zone: coloring contest, hula-hooping, obstacle course

  • Zen Zone: massage, spa treatments

  • Register for door prizes and giveaways

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The 2019 Fitness and Wellness Expo will be held on August 24       at the Center for Rural Development in Somerset, KY.


   Email if you would like to participate                            as a partner, volunteer or vendor.

Our Mission

The Fitness and Wellness Expo is an annual event in Somerset, KY. It was created by Wellness Alliance to bring awareness to the wonderful health and wellness resources located in these communities.

We believe that wellness is a journey that is never finished. There’s always something new along the path to discover as you delve into each aspect of wellness. (Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Occupational, Intellectual/Creative, Social, and Financial).

You may want to stay for a little while in one of these areas and when ready, branch out in another direction. If you think of wellness this way, it becomes a personal journey that will change your thoughts, habits, behaviors and ultimately your entire life—for the better.

Our mission is to:

  • Increase awareness of the need for and benefits of total health and wellness.

  • Bring together groups of people who are interested in total well-being.

  • Connect people with businesses related to health, fitness, and all aspects wellness.

  • Share valuable information through workshops and events that spark interest in and encourage people to strive for total health and wellness.


What excitement attending the Fitness and Wellness Expo last fall as a participant and fitness presenter. To see local devoted vendors under one roof displaying their resources from fitness, health, prevention, nutrition, holistic to skills and finance, it was a wealth of knowledge and welcoming environment for the whole family.

I felt the Expo was complete wellness awareness for every individual. The kids’ engagement within at the ‘kids health expo’ was a hit. We need to start our kids young in whole body wellness and what better way than to make it fun and engaging. Having such a diverse approach to wellness all together you were able to inquire and test new products, as well as learn other ideas. At the expo, you were able to sample essential oils, nutrition, and hygiene products and meal prepping, which is the craze now. And then was able to stop by and get a massage. And if that didn’t entice you, and you were looking for a power challenge, the arm wrestling demonstration was intriguing.

I am looking forward to the next expo, it will be a “must attend” event in 2018!

~Kaneta Purvis

Different activities and health and wellness education booths. My granddaughter loved the kids’ health, wellness, and nutrition section and the kids’ yoga.

~Delanna S.

Loved the massage and the info we received! Can’t wait until next time!

~Patti A.

There was a wealth of information and a variety of things you could participate in to inspire you to start working on your health and wellness. I did yoga with Connie, I did Zumba, I made salad in a jar, and had an energy reading with Adam at Fleming Wellness. The breakout sessions were great. I’ve never seen anything like this in Somerset but I am glad it was here and I look forward to the next one!

~Sandra H.

Contact Us

If you would like to be a part of the 2019 expo as a partner, volunteer or vendor, please email